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30 May 2020

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SPIN – Sports Pilihan Indonesia is the first leading Digital Media company that redefines eSports & Sports media and culture in Indonesia all under one roof

SPIN aims to provide the best experience for our passionate sports fans. Through the

love and passion of sports, we will continue to lead the community by expanding

and connecting us together. We intent to redefine and disrupt the eSports/Sports culture in

Indonesia through Creativity and Technology – creating a Holistic platform that caters

to the next generation of fans and players.


Our community is made up of highly
passionate, engaged and active fans.
Their passion of sports goes way
beyondthe game they love. They want
a platformthat can transport them
to the behind the scenes of the
players’ lifestyle and the chance to
connect with the players they love.



Through the use of creative media
platforms we deliver news coverage that
serve the needs of millennial sports fans
to give them the best user experience.
Sports fans today want to have the
latest news delivered to them fast.
We give fans access to Authentic contents
that provide a new perspective to
the already passionate fan base.





Never be afraid to show a different side of the coin. Disrupt and redefine what
is a millennial sports news media. We constantly take chances and provoke
thoughts and conversations for the sports community. This is what makes
us unique and push our community forward and draw people in.



Being different is key in driving our brand and mission forward. We strive
to change the current perspective of sports news media in Indonesia. We will
always be a step ahead because while providing quality products,
we will also be pushing forward and creating something new.



We strive to provide the best products for the sports community
in Indonesia. Through our Creativity and Authenticity, make something
that they have never seen before. We want to make contents that
are fun and shareable for sports fans to connect together.