25 May 2020

Tournament Participants

Dailyspin.id provides a special page feature to display tournaments registration organized by SPIN (Sports Pilihan Indonesia).

Users acting as Tournament Participants are required to obey the rules of SPIN (Sports Pilihan Indonesia) regarding the tournament and also the conditions imposed by the Tournament Organizer. Tournament Participants are responsible for participation in the tournament in accordance with information and conditions that apply to each tournament.

SPIN (Sports Pilihan Indonesia) without prior notice to the User, has the authority to take actions deemed necessary for any alleged violation of the Terms & conditions and / or applicable law. Actions that can be taken include but are not limited to deletion of content, deletion of tournaments, disqualifications from tournaments, suspended from entering tournaments, account suspension, and deletion of user accounts in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

SPIN (Sports Pilihan Indonesia) has the authority to close the User account both temporarily and permanently if there are known violations of the SPIN (Sports Pilihan Indonesia) Terms and Conditions and the applicable laws and regulations. Users are prohibited from creating and / or using devices, features and / or other tools that aim to manipulate the SPIN (Sports Pilihan Indonesia) system, including but not limited to: (i) manipulation of user data; (ii) spamming activities; (iii) manipulation of content activities; (vi) other activities that can be reasonably valued as acts of system manipulation.


The admin team will comprise of a Tournament Manager for each tournament who may or may not have Assistant Admins.

Tournament Managers have complete control over their tournament, the Tournament Manager’s decision is final in all situations.

When dealing with an Admin we ask that you be courteous, respectful and co-operative. Ignoring instructions given by an Admin is grounds for disqualification from the competition and abusing, intimidating or otherwise acting inappropriately towards any member of staff will result in ejection from the event, without refund.

Players should contact the appropriate Admin for the tournament they have a query or issue about, either prior or at the event. The Tournament Manager contact details for each tournament can be found on the appropriate tournament rules page.


Teams must have all their players signed up to the tournament by the specified time in order to guarantee their place within each tournament, unless the signup date is different as specified for online tournaments. This is to enable more accurate seeding of teams in all competitions.

Each team must have the minimum number of players signed up to a tournament before they will be classed as a team. Players may only play for one team throughout the entire tournament. The minimum number of sign-ups will be based on the type of game as follows:

  • Mobile Legends : Bang Bang : 5 Players and if applicable, 1 Reserve Player
  • Call of Duty : Mobile : 5 Players and if applicable, 1 Reserve Player

If any player has issues registering in time for a tournament please contact Us and let Us know.

Team Name Convention – When in the server prior to match start, all team players must be tagged up with the same clan tag that they signed up with


Some of our tournaments are sponsored by a third party. This is denoted by the name of the tournament on the tournament list page, and often prizes on the prize list.

Also, should a sponsor supply prizes, all teams and players must agree to have a photograph taken with the sponsor’s prizes during the award ceremony. Refusal to use sponsor equipment, or accept photographs with sponsor prizes may end up with the affected team being disqualified, and prizes revoked.


If a player was present at the start of the match then gets disconnected during the game for whatever technical reasons, they may rejoin the game, if possible.

If the game does not allow re-joining the admin will make a decision of whether to restart the game, continue with fewer players or award a win to one side. This depends on circumstances and decision by the Admin.

If a player drops for longer than 3 minutes and a listed substitute cannot be found then the match will continue as long as the minimum number of players remain on each team.



Each tournament will have its own specific set of rules that must be adhered to; any breach of these is considered cheating. See each tournament’s specific rules for this.

In the broader sense any third party modification, add-on, “hack” or manipulation of the games code is classed as cheating.

Any attempts at unfair play, including help from anyone outside of the submitted team, looking at the screen of another player, deliberate attempts at hindering their play or any other unsportsmanlike conduct will be considered cheating. We expect all players to play within the spirit of the game.


If a player is caught cheating both the player and his/her team are immediately disqualified from the tournament.

Depending on the severity one or more of the team may also be ejected from the event, without refund, and possibly prevented from attending future events.

This is at the discretion of event management.


If you genuinely suspect another team has cheated then you should alert an Admin at the earliest possible time. If this is after the match then proof of cheating will be needed – either as demo files or screenshots.

Consistent complaints of cheating where no cheating is occurring will be looked upon dimly by the Admins and may be detrimental to future claims of cheating.


Prize money is dependent on participation and may not equal the total amount displayed on marketing materials or sign-up advertisements.

To ensure that you can obtain your prize money, make sure that your team has nominated a representative and their details are given to the game admin and tournament manager after the tournament.

SPIN (Sports Pilihan Indonesia) aims to make prize money payments within 2 weeks of the event finishing (however this is dependent on third-party sponsors). The players are responsible for supplying correct payment details so we are able to supply prize payments. We will make reasonable attempts to contact winners (via email or phone) if they failed to supply payment details at the event or shortly after. After 6 months these prizes will be forfeit if no contact has been made. If you do which to contact us about this, you can email us.

Most prize payments will be by direct bank transfer (BACS) or other form of e-money transfers (e.g Go-Pay).  Any fees charged by Banks will be taken from the final prize amount.

We may make changes to these terms

We amend these terms from time to time. Every time you wish to use this Website, please check these terms to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time.